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About us

Short description

We are a small team (for now), just 5 friends living in two different countries. The truth is: this is our first NFT project. But we are so passionate about it, giving so much love on every step of giving life and soul to our metaverse.

Maybe we are a small team yet our ambitions are skyrocketing to the moon. Check our roadmap, see for yourself.

Scroll down if you would like to know more about history of Eggverse idea, our team or you just love to read everything on the internet.

How we came with the Eggverse concept?

Someday in early December, 2021 we were surfing through the OpenSea and joking about bringing the famous Instagram egg to NFT world.

But suddenly this joke started to transform. We made several ideas, searched for similar projects and dropped all the ideas. They were not good enough. A few days later one of us send the message in Telegram with “How about Kinder Surprise but NFT?”

This how the Cyber Surprise idea was born. This is why our current domain is that wierd and doesn’t associate with Eggverse at all.

Idea of seasonal NFT was at the surface and we started our work bringing first few concept arts to life. It was feeling that the whole idea sounded very simple and we began to dig deeper. And we dug until the treasure was found. In the moment it became so clear how to improve our project. Transformation from Cyber Surprise to Eggverse was set in motion.

What is the whole idea of the Eggverse?

The main idea is to make the “Story first” concept.

Eggverse is a new world and just imagine how things could turn out in the unknown universe! NFT technology is an addition and the pass to this universe. We took our inspiration for stories from old Disney cartoons but mixing it with various of other authors, movies, cartoons. Imagine the child of Cinderella and Final Space; The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Zootopia; Max Frei and Ray Douglas Bradbury.

This is how crazy the story is. This is what we what to bring to life and share with the world.

And what do you have for the community you ask? We want to give everyone a chance to participate in these adventures. We want you to be the part of the story. And not just a random fruit vendor whose only mention is while trying to sell an apple to the tired armored fox who just protected the village from the… bad guys.

Our team