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Eggverse Lore


Legends are telling us different stories, full of mysterious events, heroes and villains but every single of them have one thing in common: The Great Egg.

With the Great Egg collapse a new universe was born. The burst of life energy gave birth to the universe that is known nowadays as Eggverse. So little do we know about it and so many is yet to discover… what do we know about them, you ask? Oh, you silly, didn’t you ever hear about the Eggverse? How did this happen, I wonder… but nevermind, come with me and I’ll tell you everything.

And who knows, maybe it is you, who can uncover the mysteries of those lands?

Eggverse character hidden


We still don’t know how many planets are in the Eggverse. What do we know for sure: it is evergrowing universe where planets are filled with life but only of one kind on each. Oh, and every planet looks like an egg. It is an Eggverse for a reason, you know.

Why are you laughing with such scepticism? Have a look for yourself at these magnifecent worlds.

Now lets pick up your jaw from the floor and continue. What you saw right now is not the entire universe and as I said earlier it is everexpanding. New eggs are formed, new life is born. And you know, their nations are not so different from us. Many of Eggverse species should be familiar to you, except the fact that in our world they can’t perform their usual duties or even speak. Straight after arriving in our universe inhabitants of Eggverse losing everything but their basic instincts. Changes appeal even to thier reproductive system: most of them stop to lay eggs! And as we know from the “Unfinished history of Eggverse” – every single inhabitant of the Eggverse is born from an egg.

Who am I, you wonder? Oh, yes, yes, I even forgot to introduce myself. I am Eggkepper. My job is to study these marvelous worlds and something big is coming, I sense it. So I’m looking for some help of, as I call them, Eggmasters.

Do you want to know about each of the planet and achieve new discoveries with me, potential Eggmaster?

Good. So… stay awhile and listen. But before we start, I would prefer to have a breakfast. Pass me that omelette please.

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