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We could say that we promise 10x or 100x on our collection but we aiming for the community as №1 priority.

We could say that Eggverse will become the next Blue Chip and maybe it will. But that is not the primary goal.

We are Eggverse and we are not trying to compare with any other collection.

Eggverse is family. Eggverse is story. Eggverse is about bringing new worlds to life and with that supporting our homeworld.


eggverse roadmap

Eggverse Features

Here we are going to tell more about the main features of the Eggverse collection.

You can find the roadmap below this section.

The first of features that you may notice in Eggverse collection (except their cuteness, of course) is hatching system.

Every life starts with an egg and this is the point. Holding an egg makes you Eggmaster, the silent warden who has invisible connection to the entrusted egg. At first it should crack and not so long after – transfer into a beautiful soul. Just like yours.

On every life step of entrusted egg or eggs its holder will receive free NFT airdrop which is the sign of the next phase launch.

As in every other known universe there are heroes and villains. And this slowly brings us to the next feature.

In willing to expand our passion with this metaverse we turned to comic books for help.

They are beautifully combining the art and the story into one magnificent piece. Our digital comic books would be available for free for our holders.

For those who prefer physical interaction with different objects would be available an option to order a comic book delivery to any country in the world. This option comes with a small additional price.

We don’t want to bring you another 3-in-line game or any other casual clone game.

The goal is to tell the story and this is how we are looking at the game design. We want to make something that could expand the lore of the Eggverse and to achieve quality in gameplay, art and the stories, to make truly interactive and immersive world where you could better bond with your characters.

This is one of our dream goals.

Eggverse is not just another NFT collection, it is a huge world with many adventures, secrets and plots. In dreaming of larger audience hearing the story we are planning to launch cartoon series. And not only about the actual seasonal lore but also creating new yet not less epic side stories.

At some point we are hoping to get attention of big animation studios and work on Eggverse future together!

Yes, you read that right.

Holders with characters would be able to register their character to some actual roles in the story. We do not talking about 1/1 characters who are the main heroes of the season and the whole story, their holders are already lucky.

We talking about every other possible characters from the Eggverse. If you are a character holder – just fill the form that would be opened with an announcement before opening and pray to a God of Random!

Despite our focus would may seem to be only at the Eggverse and its future we do not forget about our homeworld.

You can find more about our charity donation program here: Charity Donations

Launching our shop is not a priority but there would be some interesting things to grab.

We have huge experience in delivering goods all around the globe and in producing clothes, acessories, etc. and we will put all our skills to make our goods and service best of quality.

This is a goal that we hope to achieve someday. And by the way it is story-driven too.

As you will know from the lore, citizens of Eggverse cannot stay in our homeworld and maintain their usual duties. However, with AR technology Eggmasters may finally thin the borders between two universes and safely show our world to their otherworld friends.

Actual Roadmap

Q4 2021

Idea of Eggverse was floating around. First concepts of eggs, visions of hatching seasonal collection.


New Year Celebration

02.01.2022 - 15.01.2022

Bringing concepts to life, expanding to metaverse on paper. Creating first planets and seasonal plots. Falling in love with characters and the idea in whole.

16.01.2022 - 06.02.2022

Forming eggs, Eggverse gets its first major characters. Season one story starts to grow, expanding to second and third seasons. First concept of Special Season is created.


Starting Twitter, hardworking on the art details. Petting cats and dogs, drinking coffee and giving life and soul to the Eggverse.

08.02.2022 - 18.02.2022

Wrote official letter to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society® (LLS) notifying of donation. Phase 1 is successfully generated, smart-contract tested and is on the way to live blockchain.

First giveaways on Twitter, website launch, general lore revealed, season systems revealed, mint prices and date set.

Working on character design for Phase 3.


Roadmap revealed, planning community poll for picking the Special Season organization to donate to.

Season 1 planet revealed. Foxland is preparing to launch.

20.02.2022 - 27.02.2022

Generating eggs for Phase 2, continuing work on the characters. Giving detailed personality to the main heroes and villains of the story.

Preparing to the launch.


Crossing fingers and starting the pre-sale.


Starting the discount sales.


Going public!

March - April 2022

Season 1 lore unlocks.

Meet the characters and join them in adventures, uncover the secrets of Eggverse. Discover who stands behind the dead eggs and why. Ohhh, it is gonna be EPIC!

April 2022

Special season launch: Easter

What is the origin of easter rabbits? What is their real mission?

Special season donation announce

Season 1 Phase 2 launch

Q2 2022

Season 2 donation announce

Season 1 Phase 3 launch

Special season characters unlock

First digital comic book for character holders

Season 2 Phase 1 launch

Q3 2022

Season 2 Phase 2 

Merch shop 

Developing first game in Eggverse metaverse

Season 3 donation announce

Season 2 Phase 3

Q4 2022

Season 3 Phase 1 

Developing first game cartoon in Eggverse metaverse

Special season #2 donation announce

Season 3 Phase 2

Special Season #2

Q1 2023

Season 4 donation announce

Season 3 Phase 3

Second digital comic book for holders

Season 4 Phase 1

Physical illustrated book

Q1-Q2 2023

First game launch

Collabs with brands, animation and cartoon studios to bring more life to the Eggverse

Q2 2023

Season 4 Phase 2

Season 5 donation announce

Season 4 Phase 3