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Season One


Foxland is the first of the Eggverse worlds that we are travelling to.

As you may notice, foxes are born from the eggs in Eggverse (like almost every other habitant of this Metaverse).

Their industrial society is on the frontline of Metaverse, a friendly and welcoming hand, protecting others, less progressive nations from… well… you know, the bad guys.

We’ll catch that later.

Eggverse character hidden

Phase 1:

This phase is about hatching 5000 hand-drawn eggs that contains future foxes. Every holder will receive free airdrop at Phase 2.

Phase 2:

Phase 2 is about the nature.

Some eggs should begin to crack and others couldn’t make it. But if there is something or somebody behind those unlucky eggs? Maybe it is not that simple?

Phase 3:


While you were busy, your egg hatched into a beautiful fox. He or She already found a job, made some discoveries and willing to achieve great things. Let your fox write the history of Eggverse!