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Seasons in Eggverse

Eggverse is a huge universe with a lot of different forms of life. Despite thier differences one thing they all have in common: every one of them is hatching from an egg.

Every season we’ll be looking for a new species of the Eggverse and every season they will differ.

Each season is divided into three phases: from getting your egg to the possible friend from the Eggverse. Let’s dive deeper into the systems and phases.

Eggverse season info

Season systems

Each season is divided into three phases.

Eggverse charity

Phase one:

Future Eggmasters minting their eggs. Their supply won’t wary from season to season and will be limited to 5000 unique eggs.

This phase will last around a month.

Eggverse season info

Phase two:

This is where the magic starts.

Every Eggholder that would hold their egg at the phase will receive their first airdrop.

At this phase holders should receive two types of NFTs, randomly distributed between holders.

First type is cracked egg. If you received that – hooray, your egg will hatch soon!

Second type is dead egg. Your pet didn’t make it but do not worry. You will automatically whitelisted to the next season to take another shot.

Eggverse character hidden

Phase three:

All cracked eggs holders receiving their friends from the Eggverse for free via airdrop!

And with the end of the season starts a new one, the cycle must be continued.

Special Seasons

Special seasons are our own rare events or collabs with other brands. There are some different rules for special seasons:

  • Supply may vary;
  • At least 3000 items;
  • No Phase 2;
  • Everyone gets their character.